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Welcome to Synergy Insurance and Investments

Our mission is to help you build and manage your wealth according to time-tested principles that have been utilized for over 150 consecutive years. Our core values are transparency, education, and fiduciary responsibility.

Synergy Insurance and Investments was founded in 2001 with an emphasis on helping teachers and other pensioned employees. Our fact-based planning was quickly embraced by educators across the state and led us to expand our focus to include comprehensive planning for anyone seeking growth.

Like any good team, we come from diverse backgrounds—from teaching to professional athletics—but we share a common passion: to have a positive impact on your financial life.

We plan for all four quarters, not just the first half of the game. While we believe accumulation is key, we believe assets worth accumulating are worth preserving. Our comprehensive planning is fact-based on time tested principles that have endured for more than 150 years.